Saturday, July 1, 2017

A deep breath

 This week I went to Dana-Farber once again to have a regular check up. At least that's what I told people it was. But actually on the inside I was a big hot mess! I have had swelling in one of my lymph nodes under my jaw often on for a few months now. Most of the time I could link it to a cold or some other symptom but it was concerning to me nonetheless. After getting my blood pressure taken and having it  Way higher than it usually is, I settled into my oncologists office waiting for his determination. Thankfully, it was nothing of concern! It was though I wake up call to me that is much is I know my life is precious, it really absolutely is! So, I had toward my third (that is after cancer) birthday with a renewed sense of purpose!

I am so lucky to be alive and healthy. Amen to that!