Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Look Good Feel Better

Such simple words that are so important when going through cancer treatment. It is such a challenging time keeping up with treatment schedules, managing side effects, and trying to live your normal life as much as possible.

About a month ago, I signed up for a Look Good Feel Better class sponsored by the American Cancer Society that is free of charge for women who are in treatment. It's an amazing experience that comes with a lovely (giant) bag full of cosmetic goodies! The woman who showed us make-up tips was lovely inside and out. She had great tips that I'll share below. Another person who was helpful was the gentleman who showed us wigs and hair covers  and explained how to tie scarves in some cute ways.

It was also nice to meet some other women going through similar challenges. Even though I was the young one in the room, that was quickly forgotten as we bonded during the class.

Tip time:

1. Did you know that the "skin" around your eye area is actually tissue? That's why special eye cream is needed to keep it youthful. Regular moisturizer is too thick/oily for that area. Make sure to gently massage the area under your eye in wavy motions to the outer edge. It will remove the puffiness and send it through your lymph system.

2. Stipple on your foundation. I found out I had been using the "wax on / wax off" method - HAHA! and that's why I would get lines.

3. Using contour and illuminating powders can make your face pop! (In a good way :)

4. Don't be afraid to use brighter lipsticks. They can really brighten up a chemo face that needs it.

5. Brow pencils need to be used in short motions to create the illusion of small hairs.

This class is fun and totally worth your time just for the cosmetics alone. I received brands such as Chanel, Lancome, Kiels, Avon, Estee Lauder and many more. I'm so grateful to those wonderful companies and the volunteers. It was such a wonderful experience!

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